Drug Offenses

Wilkes-Barre Drug Charge Attorney

Luzerne County Drug Possession Lawyer Allyson L. Kacmarski

Criminal drug charges connected to possession or delivery of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, illegally obtained prescription drugs, synthetic drugs or party drugs are serious business.

To avoid a felony conviction and harsh penalties that could change your life, you need seriously effective criminal defense representation in your corner — and fast.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, the skilled lawyer with years of public defender and Assistant District Attorney experience that can benefit you is Allyson L. Kacmarski in Kingston. Our law firm’s founder investigates your charges for any sign of illegal search and seizure by police or a confession you were coerced into giving. She excels at negotiating with prosecutors, to have charges reduced or thrown out, and at litigating in your best interests in court.

But you must act now. The state could be building a credible case against you even as you read this. Contact Allyson L. Kacmarski today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Our experienced Wilkes-Barre criminal defense attorney aggressively protects your rights when you, a friend, family member or relative are arrested and charged with a drug crime such as:

Possession with intent to deliver
Sale of drugs to minors
Drug paraphernalia
DUI drug charges

Our drug crime attorney safeguards your interests from arrest and arraignment to outcome, appeals and beyond, extending maximum availability to you and your family throughout the legal process. She knows the challenges you face — the possibility of a criminal record, separation from your loved ones, ruin to your reputation and loss of vital constitutional rights.

Do you need to be visited at a police station or jail after a drug crime arrest in northern Pennsylvania? Wilkes-Barre drug charge lawyer Allyson L. Kacmarski offers a free initial consultation that you can arrange by calling 570-283-5999 or emailing her Kingston law office.