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Luzerne County Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer For Driver’s License Suspensions

If the status of your Pennsylvania driver’s license is at risk because of a DUI arrest, breath test refusal or an arrest for driving with a suspended or revoked license, the freedom to travel that you depend on — to get to your job, so you can continue to provide for your family — is in serious danger.

An experienced attorney can offer the best chance of restoring your Pennsylvania driving privileges. Allyson L. Kacmarski has the legal knowledge, negotiating skills and keen client commitment that get results in DUI cases in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, and surrounding areas in northern Pennsylvania. She has years of experience as a former public defender and former prosecutor that can help you when your freedoms and future are on the line.

Former Assistant District Attorney Allyson L. Kacmarski Protects Your Rights

Our trusted Kingston law firm’s founder skillfully assists juveniles charged with underage drinking and driving, motorists who refused to be breath tested or blood tested, those who have been stopped for driving with a suspended or revoked license, and drivers charged with DUI vehicular homicide.

Allyson L. Kacmarski listens carefully to your account of the circumstances leading to your drunk driving arrest. She works hard during every phase of the legal process to restore your precious Pennsylvania driving privileges and help you to reclaim your life.

Her years of experience as a DUI defense lawyer and criminal defense attorney have made her highly familiar with the many things that can go wrong during a drunk driving arrest. Law enforcement can rush to judgment, mistaking a hazardous road condition, inclement weather or a motorist’s pre-existing medical condition (such as an allergy) for probable cause to make an arrest. Ms. Kacmarski digs deeply for the facts behind the charges against you, carefully examines police arrest procedures and carefully guides you through every step of your journey through the DUI legal process.

Ms. Kacmarski is also aware of the possibility that breath testing equipment can be defective or malfunction at an arrest scene and that field sobriety exercises can be strenuous for anyone. She knows how these factors can produce faulty results that victimize you. She is determined to discredit every point in the prosecution’s case, so that you can get back on the road to fulfill your personal and professional duties away from home.

When you think you have lost all hope of retrieving your driver’s license and preserving your reputation because of a DUI arrest, contact us. Your initial consultation with Wilkes-Barre DUI defense lawyer Allyson L. Kacmarski is free of charge. Our attorney can meet with you at a police station or jail if you have been arrested.