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Is a series of traffic tickets putting you in danger of a suspended license or revoked Pennsylvania driving privileges that prevent you from getting to your job?

Only a skilled, experienced traffic citations and motor vehicle crimes defense attorney can accurately answer that question — and give you the support and guidance you need throughout the legal process.

In Wilkes-Barre and northeastern Pennsylvania, that lawyer is former public defender and former Assistant District Attorney Allyson L. Kacmarski.

Paying a fine for a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt. Many convictions for traffic citations carry mandatory license suspension. Before you submit to these kinds of consequences or appear in court without counsel, you should discuss the specifics of your case with Allyson L. Kacmarski. She is highly familiar with local laws and municipal courts, and can bring the facts of your case to skillful negotiation with a prosecutor.

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Years Of Experience In Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Local And Municipal Courts

Allyson L. Kacmarski aggressively protects your rights when you face one or a series of traffic violations related to:

Reckless driving
Careless driving
Passing a loading or unloading school bus
Driving while suspended or revoked
Fleeing and eluding a police officer
Civil driver’s license proceedings
Commercial driver offenses (representing commercial drivers)

Whether you are a commuter, college student or professional driver who depends on your license for your livelihood, only quality representation can prevent suspension of your Pennsylvania driving privileges and increased insurance premiums when you return to the road. Allyson L. Kacmarski works with you one-on-one throughout the legal process, ensuring that you know every legal option that could put this crisis behind you.

Reserve your free initial consultation with our experienced Wilkes-Barre traffic citation lawyer by contacting her at 570-283-5999. Our Kingston law office responds promptly to overnight and email messages.